Welcome to the real way to RP in South Africa! Our server is hosted on the beautiful Malden Map of Arma 3 with custom buildings and fully loaded with the latest scripts including some custom made ones.

Our server does require TaskForceRadio installed. By installing TFR, you will be required to join our TeamSpeak 3 server which will allow you to communicate with other players in game though a higher quality VON. Please visit our guid on how to install TFR by clicking "TaskForceRadio" at the top and clicking on "TeamSpeak3" to see how to join our TS3 server.

team speak

Simply click the link bellow to automatically join our server!

 Launch TeamSpeak 3 Client!

Don't have TeamSpeak3?

 Download TeamSpeak 3 Client!

What can keep you busy on our server

1) We have a Perks system which un-locks, special attributes at certain levels. For example you need to be level 6 to buy a pilot licence. XP is rewarded for certain activities, such as processing.

2) We have a few types of processing tasks such as Uranium, Mushrooms (LSD), cocaine, Poppy Fields, Marijuana, Diamonds, Peaches, Salt and Ruby mining. By pressing Left Windows key will allow you to start mining/gathering in these zones. Some of them are illegal and some legal ways to make money. After you obtain the raw/un-cut ores you need to transport them to the required processing destination, then finally to the dealer/buyer.

3) You can ofcouse have the ability to buy many types of vehicles, trucks, virtual items, weapons, clothing, car tune-ups, food, planes and helicopters. Each attribute is marked on the map (M).

4) By pressing Y you will open your phone where can send players money or items, view your perks/progress, give friends your keys to your vehicle, create or join gangs and a few more things which you can explore.

5) It is very important for you to read our Rp rules. You can find them by pressing M and navigating to the "rules" option near the top left-hand-side of your map.

6) We offer allot more than listed here, however explaing everything will simply not be practicle. If you require help with something join our teamspeak 3 server and an admin or player will be more than happy to assist you!